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2022 Thornleigh Open and Junior Bronze Tournament

The end of January saw the annual Thornleigh open being held with the addition of a AJST junior bronze tournament for the first time. There was a great turn out considering the COVID situation in Sydeny with 80 entries across 7 senior divisions and 3 junior divisions. Match play started for the senior divisions on Friday night which saw a few big 5 setters to start off the night, most notably Ken Lamb getting a big win over number 2 seed Daniel Howard and 2 of our top juniors, Will Slade and Maggie Goodman, having a massive battle.

Saturday morning had the Junior Bronze event kicking off bright and early at 8am. All the players had 3 of their matches before midday with a number of players playing in both the senior and junior divisions. With the toasty machine was on full bore to keep the kids going, everyone through with some great results:

Div 1 - 1st Emmy Lamb, 2nd Tom Sinodinos, 3rd Thomas Wang, Plate Jingni Liao

Div 2 - 1st Josh Markham, 2nd Fatimah Khan, 3rd Andy Wong, Plate Pratham Malik

Div 3 - 1st Benjamin Boardman, Jeremy Boardman, 3rd Logan Effendi, Plate Darvin Thavendran

After midday it was the senior graded divisions, most players had 2 matches

(with exception to those super keen juniors). There was some feirce competition with Bradley Fullick taking out the top spot in the open division defeating Doug Oxley in the grand final. Other results:

Open - 1st Bradley Fullick, 2nd Doug Oxely, 3rd Mick Fullick, Plate Terry Hayes

Div 1 - 1st Will Slade, 2nd Fahad Siddiqui, 3rd Michael Flannagan

Div 2 - 1st Kasper Cheung, 2nd Andrew Davis, 3rd Jen Wellby, Plate Marcus Wang

Div 3 - 1st Kevin Willathgamuw, 2nd Ben Williams, Mark Wilkinson, Plate Matthew MaLaughlin

Div 4 - 1st Emmy Lamb, 2nd Brooke Pryor, Kieran Willathgmuw, Plate Rowan Willathgamuw

Div 5 - 1st Thomas Wang, 2nd Tom Sinodinos, 3rd Anna McRae, Plate Jingni Liao

Div 6 - 1st Shanuka Samaranaya, 2nd Tomer Itah, 3rd Janelle Sinclair, Plate Boris Lekuovich

Thank you to everyone that came down to play and support, it was a great weekend.

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