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Club Update: New Booking System info and events for February/March

2024 Australian Open is here in Sydney 20th - 24th March

The Australian Open is being played right here in Sydney with an all glass court being placed in Martin Place for the Professional League and all the graded finals! Get your tickets to watch here:

This is an incredible chance to share the stage with some of the best local and international players!

Register here with RevSport:

If you have not affiliated with RevSPORT yet, sign up here by search Thornleigh and selecting 'returning player'.

Get in quick this is a great event to get behind!

New Booking System for Gym and Squash Classes

There is a new booking system for classes. The link is located on the top bar of the website under 'CLASS REGISTRATION' .

All members would have been sent an email with their activiation link to be able to sign in. This is connected to your membership account and you will be able to manage your member options there.

Non-members are able to book though the 'SIGN UP' button, this will create a casual account so you are able to book casually with ease.

Please ensure you book into any class, junior/senior, as numbers are limited and those who book will get priority.

2024 Thornleigh Briars Open and Junior Bronze results

That's a wrap for the 2024 Thornleigh Briars Open and Junior Bronze! Thank you Briars Sports for your continued support.

We had 10 senior divisions and 4 junior divisions with a total of 102 participants.


Open Division

1st Jacob Robinson 2nd Bradley Fullick 3/4 Rohan Toole & George Thomas

Division 1

1st Dan Godwin 2nd Dom Ratcliffe 3rd Stanley Mok

Division 2

1st Haani Qureshi 2nd Ben Miller 3rd Emmy Lamb

Division 3

1st Thomas Wang 2nd Michael Sanghera 3rd James Herbert

Division 4

1st Brendan Creek 2nd Jameel Khan 3rd Garry Irwin

Division 5

1st Darvan Thavendran 2nd Omar Kharrl 3rd Anand Vishwanath

Division 6

1st Guy Pascal 2nd Shalindra Selvadurai 3rd Lorne Gurney

Division 7

1st Ryan Hay 2nd Tomer Itah 3rd Darvin Thavendran

Division 8

1st Moses Lim 2nd Elizabeth Wang 3rd Hugo Woon

Division 9

1st Ryan Chen 2nd Jennifer Best 3rd Pirthika Thavendran

Junior Bronze

Division 1

1st Darvan Thavendran 2nd Ayan Zeeshan 3rd Logan Effendi

Division 2

1st Fatimah Khan 2nd Ayrron Anthony 3rd Nathan Lin

Division 3

1st Pirthika Thavendran 2nd Karissa Cheung 3rd Ruisha Chu

Division 4

1st Rohan Zeeshan 2nd Joshua Marshall 3rd Kaira Malhotra

ROAD TO CHAMPS - Event #2 Timed Tournament

The second event for the year will be played on the 24th of February.

This is going to be a timed format, each team will select a line 1 and a line 2. There will be a winner bracket and a loser bracket and teams progress as they perform.

Let us know if you are in or keen to reserve and we will fit you in if we can.

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