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Professional Stringing
Squash & Tennis Rackets

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At Thornleigh Squash, we can accurately string your rackets with our New HEAD Electronic TE-3300 Stringing machine.

Bumpers can be sourced if yours have deteriorated 

Bumpers are $20 each to order in for members and $25 for non-members

You are welcome to bring your own string and it will cost $28 for our staff to string your racket.


*Only our staff can use the machine. 

Standard Quality


Standard Restring

We have several entry level strings including:

Pro Kennex 1.25

Salming 1.25

Karakal 1.25

Medium Quality


Competition restinging

A good compromise of quality or power

Brands include

Karakal Hot Zone 120

Karakal Nano125

Karakal Evolution 115


Professional Quality


Professional Restringing

Highest quality that will increase your power, spin and control

Brands include:

Tecnifibre 305 (1.20) Green - best for spin

Tecnifibre x-one biophase (1.18) Red - combination of spin & control

Tecnifibre DYNAMIX (1.20) Black - best for power

Ashaway Supernick XL (1.25) Blue/Red/White - best for control

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