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Recapping the Top Events That Occurred in November!

November was a big month for Thornleigh Squash, We had the 2023 Pennant Hills Alto NSW Open which was out biggest tournament of the year with players from Sri Lanka, Pakistan and across the country coming to Thornleigh. We also had the Briars Club Champs that saw a Matt Bridle crowned club champion after Rohan dominating the top spot for 5 years.

Thank you to all the players, referees, supporters and staff that make these events as amazing as they are.


Results: NSW Open Men's Winner - Shamil Wakeel, Runner up - Jack Hudson, 3/4 - Bradley Fullick & Lachlan Coxsedge

NSW Open Women's Winner - Urwashi Joshi, Runner up - Karen Blom, 3/4 Sze Yu Lee & Noor Ul Ain

State Grade Winner - Adam Brooks, Runner up - Daniel Howard, 3rd - Anthony Thomas, Plate - Zachery Zammit

Division 1 Winner - Stanley Chung, Runner up - Benjamin Hornibrook, 3rd - Andrew Davis, Plate - Adam Soonius

Division 2 Winner - Andy Wong, Runner up - Thomas Wang, 3rd - Daniel Payne, Plate - Phillip Abercombie

Divsion 3 Winner - Emilia Scott, Runner up - Maeghan Wang, 3rd - Andrew Miller, Plate - Sid Bandapalle

Division 4 Winner - Fatimah Khan, Runner up - Michael Loong, 3rd - Adrienne Toohey, Plate - Ayrron Anthony

Division 5 Winner - Charlie Bowden, Runner up - Jordan Yip, 3rd - Catherine Hay, Plate - Blaize Pedersen

Junior Open Results:

Division 1 Winner - Kasper Cheung, Runner up - Pratham Mailk

Division 2 Winner - Ruian Chu, Runner up - Nathaniel Middleton, 3rd - Abdulla Siddiqui

Division 3 Winner - Nathan Lin, Runner - Jamie Tan, 3rd - Taoyi Wang

Division 4 Winner - Ruisha Chu, Runner up - Soren Lauter

2023 Briars Club Championships

Results: MAJART Cup Winner - Matt Bridle, Runner Up - Rex Thomas, Third - Doug Odewahn-Oxley

Division 1 Winner - Karen Blom, Runner up - Vipul Kashyap, Third - Ben Miller

Division 2 Winner - Adam Soonius, Runner up - Ambrose Tho, Third - Glen Mason

Division 3 Winner - Peter Sinodinos, Runner up - Andy Wong, Third - Brooke Pryor

Division 4 Winner - Emilia Scott, Runner up - Travis Ireland, Third - Vijay Tumulari

Division 5 Winner - Sid Bandapalle, Runner up - Richard Hayman, Third - Stephen Graham

Division 6 Winner - Brett Gardner, Runner up - Tomer Itah, Third - Kunaal Chand

Division 7 Winner - Michael Daly, Runner up - Ali Sharifloo,

Divison 8 Winner - Naoko Abe, Runner up - Emma Thomas, Third - Cam Simpson

Junior Open Winner - Thomas Scott, Runner up - Kasper Cheung

Division A Winner - Darvan Thavendran, Runner up - Emilia Scott, Third - Pratham Malik

Division B Winner - Ayrron Anthony, Runner up - Hugo Woon, Third - Daniel Gonzalez-Velandia

Division C Winner - Pirthika Thavendran, Runner up - Taoyi Wang, Third - Manav Kagda

Division D Winner - Rafay Ahmed, Runner up - Soren Lauter, Third - Josh Marshall

Here are a couple of photos from the christmas party as well!

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