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February at Thornleigh Squash and Fitness

We have our annual Briars open kicking off the season's calendar in two weeks!

The senior event will be played on Friday and Saturday (unless there is more than one hundred entries then finals will need to be played on Sunday). While the junior tournament will be played on Saturday morning from 8am-12pm.

Entry is $55 for adults and $40 for juniors (if a junior wants to play both is it $80). Entries close on the 29th of January so get in quick.

Enter via SportyHQ now!

Entries for the Autumn Pennant are open!

Pennant is an external competition that runs for 10 weeks with semi's and grand finals. Each team has four players that compete on the night against other teams from around North Sydney. This is a great opportunity to meet new players and have the opportunity to play Squash in a new and social environment.

Let us know if you would like to play next season!

Junior training starts back in Term 1

The first session will be back on Tuesday the 7th of February with our new head coach, Bradley Fullick. Bradley has played juniors for NSW state team as well as played in the PSA tour.

These sessions run Tuesday and Thursday from 5pm till 6pm during term time. They are group sessions where the kids are put together with other juniors of a similar level, there are multiple coaches to help develop all participants hand-eye coordination.

Junior pennant starts back on the 11th of February!


We had the first annual NORTH v SOUTH competition here at Thornleigh on the 21st of January.

There were some tight matches but SOUTH managed to take the silver wear, winning 27-26. It was a great day and we can't wait for next year in the south.

1. Bradley (S) def. Rohan 3/2

2. George (S) def. Craig 3/0

3. Brett (S) def. Luke 3/1

4. Doug (N) def. Adam 3/0

5. Anthony (N) def. Nick 3/0

6. Michael (S) def. Daniel 3/2

7. Paul (S) def. Mike 3/0

8. Bryan (N) def. Peter 3/0

9. Aaron (S) def. Dan 3/1

10. Shane (S) def. Thomas 3/2

1. Jane (N) def. Sarah 3/0

2. Lyndal (S) def. Jen 3/0

3. Jess (S) def. Brooke 3/2

4. Ellie (N) def. Anna 3/0

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